How is sexism not a valid criticism?

While catching up with what at first glance seemed to be the perfect game for me, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, I stumbled across a rather nasty ocurrence:

A commenter warned about sexist content that keeps them from recommending the game. Another joined in saying that it “significantly impacted my enjoyment of the game.”

That in itself is bad enough, but someone felt the need to reply:

That’s where I feel that in desperately wanting to believe that everything is a sexist trope that you misinterpret what the the designers were trying to convey in their game. And that is what is unfortunate because the game has a beautiful message that you missed – and sexism is not one of them.

Apparently being ripped out of the immersion and not wanting to put up with sexism is a choice. Wanting to see misogyny in everything prevented you from liking this actually good game!

Well, this attitude has to stop. Low tolerance for bigotry and enjoyment of the game are not separate entities where the first is a hindrance. You wouldn’t want to play a game with shitty controls and a horrible gameplay? Or work around bugs? Or endure a horribly written story? Then why would you ignore sexism and all other forms of bigotry to enjoy a game?

My enjoyment of anything stops when what is being delivered to me is bullshit.

And as someone else eloquently put it…

Wow – to be so sensitive that it would impede your ability to enjoy such a fantastic game seems like a really unfortunate situation.

Yeah. Having standards is a burden. Apparently my “ability” is impaired instead of, y’know, the designer’s fucking creative choices.

PSA: I didn’t play the game in question and I don’t intend to anymore, I just wanted to comment on the double standard of cherry picking which aspects of a work to take into account.

Guys and Femininity in Ace Attorney

Includes spoilers for the 2nd AA: Dual Destinies case. If you count things revealed in the opening sequence.

The Ace Attorney series is known for it’s over-the-top characters. One of my favourites (from the second game) is Maximillion Galactica.


He’s flamboyant, flashy and, well, pink. Everything about him is pink, his entire outfit, his long, wavy hair that must take hours to style and I’m surprised his makeup isn’t. He calls everyone sweetie and let’s people participate in his card tricks to later claim they stole his “hearts”.
He’s also a self-centered arrogant prick at times. The only thing bigger than his ego is probably his hairgel collection.
Plus, he’s the case’s prime suspect.

Now, meet Florent L’Belle.


He’s showy, beauty-obsessed and just as flamboyant as Max. He has his own brand of cosmetics, applies a new hair dye daily and one of his stock animations is spraying you with perfume (disguised as the flower in his breast pocket). In case you didn’t notice, his last name is a bastardization of French meaning “the beauty”.
Furthermore he’s super vain, greedy and cannot stand the thought of being ugly. Everyone else is beneath him and should be treated as such.
He also is the villain of his case.

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A Difference between Sherlock and WTNV

Sherlock uses homoeroticism to pander to female viewers and to subsequently make fun of their interests. The male couple in question is not taken seriously and put into a reaffirming “no homo” situation.

Welcome to Night Vale got a gay couple because it suited the characters and story and the characters in question happened to be male. It’s taken seriously and so are the fans who like it - including the female fanbase.

Addendum: About Moffat

This quote is too good to pass up:

I’m quite surprised by how emotional Sherlock's become. People engage hugely. People's hearts break for Sherlock, which might be the first time that's been done since the original stories.

How full of yourself are you? Yes, well done, you’re the one who wrote a good Sherlock Holmes adaption. The only one. Because you’re the greatest. Congratulations.

About Moffat and Not Getting Things

I’ve been thinking why this quote made me personally angry. Even hurt. Aside from the obvious, that is.

It’s interesting. Also, it’s got such a huge female following. The original [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle] stories had a huge female following, which I’d never forgotten, and that’s because the Victorian ladies liked the way Sherlock looked. (Laughs.) So I thought, use this massively exciting, rather handsome man who could see right through your heart and have no interest … of course, he’s going to be a sex god! I think we pitched that character right. I think our female fan base all believe that they’ll be the one to melt that glacier. They’re all wrong — nothing will melt that glacier.

Everyone in this thread already discussed at length the dickheadedness of this, so…

I’ve loved detective stories since forever. Nothing particularly special about this, but see, I didn’t know this until a few hours ago. I just never gave it a real thought.
I watched Columbo when I still had to go to bed at 9 and my mom taped the rest on VHS; I wanted to watch Detective Conan (or Case Closed depending on where you live) so badly that I overcame my fear of watching TV while people were in the room. (I collected about 50 volumes in the following years.); I convinced my mom to let me watch CSI: That One City; I worked on my English to understandAce Attorney; I saved up and badgered my brother to drive me to the next big city to pick up a copy of Hotel Dusk. I fell in love with Sherlock two and a half years ago.

To a certain someone however I apparently like his show because I wish to bang the main character. This is wrong for pretty much all reasons, but he doesn’t care. What’s worse is that he belittles and condescends me. He makes fun of my love for a genre. Yes, he does that to me specifically.

Little did my past self know what a shithead Sherlock's writer is. I'm not sure, but I won't rule out that I actually used to believe I was into the show because of the attractiveness of the main characters. Well, if it is continously presented as The Reason Everyone loves it, it must have gotten to me.

Well, fuck you. I deserve better than that.